Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022


Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022

Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 is set to take place from 26th March until 13th November 2022 in Schloss Marchegg, under the title "MARCHFELD Secrets – People. Culture. Nature.".

Inspiring new discoveries about Marchfeld await visitors as part of the  Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 between 26th March until 13th November.

MARCHFELD Secrets – People. Culture. Nature.

30,000 years ago people left their first tracks here in this region in the heart of Central Europe. Today, Marchfeld is both an intensively utilised cultural area as well as a conservation area for many different, vibrant plants and animal species. Important cultural monuments, such as the  Baroque palaces, are a part of this region, nestling between the metropolises of Vienna and Bratislava. Reason enough to rediscover the secrets of this special place! 'Marchfeld secrets' come to life in the Baroque rooms in Schloss Marchegg, with the close links between people and nature in the course of time presented as the core feature of the exhibition.

Exhibition venue Schloss Marchegg

The exhibition venue is Schloss Marchegg. The stork town, as Marchegg is known, was originally set up as a border bastion against Hungary. The palace was designed as a moated castle and was part of the town fortifications. After 400 years the moats were filled in, the corner bastion removed and the castle converted into a Baroque palace. From then on, Schloss Marchegg was used for another purpose for two centuries – it was predominantly used as a hunting lodge and summer residence by the Hungarian noble family - the Pálffys. The former hunting area, which extends around the palace, have for almost fifty years been designated as a conservation area. These days Schloss Marchegg is an ideal starting point for a border-spanning exploration of the region's unique natural surroundings. Since the ground-breaking ceremony in October 2020, intensive work has been done in Schloss Marchegg. At the opening of the 41st Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 this Baroque palace will once again be accessible to visitors and will radiate in all its splendour. As part of a full refurbishment, in the small inner courtyard, the historic round arches and bricked up windows were opened again.

Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022