Experience of nature , © Weinviertel Tourismus / Liebert

Border-spanning experience of nature

Flora, fauna & Co

From fertile soils to sand dunes, from wild horses to storks, exciting natural areas and highlights based around flora & fauna are waiting for you!

Fertile soils with fields of grains and vegetables characterise the area around the March. The extensive flatland area nestles amid fascinating natural areas - the March and Danube-Auen are home to an impressive variety of flora and fauna. Even unknown natural treasures are concealed here.

From sand dunes to the first nature conservation area in Austria

Along with the fertile areas, sand dunes and sandbergs characterise this border-spanning area. On the western slope of Devínska Kobyla, not far from Devínska Nová Ves on the Slovakian side, there is a sandberg. In Marchfeld too in the town of Oberweiden there are the remains of extensive areas of sand dunes. Today this area is regarded as one of the most significant dry grassland areas. And with Weikendorfer Remise, the region is also home to the first nature conservation area in Austria.

Storks, horses, terrapins & more

Along with the varied natural habitats, the variety of different animal species here is impressive. The renowned white stork colony in Marchegg is also worth a visit, so too are the European terrapins in Danube-Auen National Park and the wild ponies on the pastures in Marchegg.