Overlooking the Marchfeld, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Michael Liebert

Border-spanning experience: Marchfeld – Záhorie

Austria meets Slovakia

Marchfeld – located between the two metropolises of Vienna and Bratislava – is closely linked to the neighbouring area of Záhorie in Slovakia. Only separated by the March, there are numerous elements which link the two, in terms of culture and nature, but also in cuisine too.

On both sides of the March – both in Marchfeld in Austria and in Záhorie in Slovakia – the landscape is characterised by abandoned river courses, unspoiled alluvial forests and alluvial meadows which have an impressive variety of flora and fauna. There are also sand dunes to gaze in wonder at here, which came about from the drifting sands during the last Ice Age.

Yet it is not just the landscape, culturally too both regions share many common features. Palaces and stately homes take you into earlier centuries, enabling you to immerse yourself in the era of the nobility & the like. The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is alluring with its many different excursion destinations and highlights and also in the border region, which includes the many producers and farm gate sales points in Marchfeld.