Marchfeld's palace realm, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Liebert

Marchfeld's palace realm

Five gems that are there waiting to be discovered by you!

In barely any other area of Austria are there so many palaces as there are in Marchfeld.

(Hi)stories, legends and personalities characterise the centuries in Marchfeld's palace - and this makes the region, based around five palaces - Schloss Hof, Niederweiden, Eckartsau, Marchegg and Orth – something quite special. Head out on an exploratory tour, enjoy a journey through time and be enchanted by the picturesque palace gardens. Culture & nature go hand in hand here. Numerous exhibitions and highlights are on the programme of events every year.

Regal relaxation in Schloss Hof & Schloss Niederweiden

Schloss Hof spans more than 70 hectares to the east of Marchfeld. The impressive ensemble comprises the two-storey palace, the superb garden facilities and the farm estate, whisking you off into an inspiring Baroque realm. Hike in the tracks of Prince Eugen and Maria Theresia, accompany experts as part of a guided tour through the sumptuous rooms and to the Baroque garden, laid out on seven terraces, and marvel at the long-term exhibits as well as the special exhibit which changes each year. Meanwhile a real insider tip is Schloss Niederweiden just 3 kilometres away, which inspires with its superb park facilities and wonderful game-oriented cuisine.

More imperial experiences at Schloss Marchegg, Orth & Eckartsau

In 2022, Schloss Marchegg is set to be a pivotal point and linchpin in Marchfeld's palace realm. As the main venue for the Lower Austrian State Exhibition 'MARCHFELD Secrets – People. Culture. Nature', visitors are presented with information about the close links between people and nature in the course of history. schlossORTH devotes itself to the animal and plant kingdom. This 'Gateway to the Au' presents the realm of a unique natural refuge provided by the Danube-Auen Natural Park. In contrast, at Schloss Eckartsau you get to experience global history – the Baroque hunting lodge of the Habsburgs. It was here in 1918 that the last Austrian imperial couple, Emperor Karl and Empress Zita, spent their last few months months prior to being sent to exile. Guided tours of the palace provide an insight into these moving moments.

Marchfeld's palace realm