Spring in Marchfeld, © Weinviertel Tourismus / Wurnig

Vernal Marchfeld

Head to Marchfeld ...

In spring the famous Marchfeld asparagus is cut and the storks land in Marchfeld ...

Harvesting of Marchfeld's asparagus, known as 'Stechen', usually starts at the around the beginning of April. Harvesting lasts for around 10 weeks – so, up until the middle of June. Asparagus is collected by hand. In spring when it comes to cuisine, everything in Marchfeld revolves around this well-known stick vegetable.

Marchfeld opens its doors

The region is awakening, not just in terms of cuisine, but in terms of tourism. The excursion destinations are opening their doors and inviting you to enjoy some exciting and variety-packed excursions.

Storks spend the spring and summer in Marchegg

From April to August the famous Marchegg stork colony can be found in Marchfeld. As part of guided tours you get to go and see the "Adebar family". At the end of August the storks then fly to South Africa where they spend the winter, before returning to Marchfeld in the spring. The entire journey (there and back) undertaken by the Marchegg storks is almost 20,000 km, which is the equivalent of half a circumnavigation of the earth.

The storks' flight route

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