Marchfeld asparagus , © Verein Genuss Region Marchfeldspargel g.g.A / Rita Newman

Marchfeld asparagus

Marchfeld is known far beyond the borders of the region for its asparagus. Whether green, white or purple – you get the whole range of asparagus here, of the highest quality.

Gourmets everywhere look forward to asparagus time every year. And the asparagus from Marchfeld is especially popular, standing out thanks to its renowned high quality and its typically mild aroma. Marchfeld is very well suited to growing asparagus and popular spring vegetables thanks to its favourable climate and humus-rich, sandy soils.

Vernal vegetables

Asparagus – derived from Latin – is a perennial shrub and the rootstock is dormant over the winter. In spring, each plant then pushes forth sprouts, which are then harvested and sold as delicious asparagus. The colour of this spring-time, stick-like vegetable depends solely on the methods used during the harvesting: white asparagus is cut beneath the soil, while green and purple are cut above the soil.

Buy fresh asparagus in the region

Do you place a great deal of emphasis on putting the freshest possible asparagus on your plate? Then head to the region's farm-shops from the middle of April until mid-June. Freshly picked asparagus gets straight to the shelves without any circuitous routes and you can then use it to make delicious dishes, like Spargelpfanne.