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Danube-Auen National Park

The 'green band' between Vienna and Bratislava …

The Danube-Auen National Park is the biggest interconnected, most extensive, environmentally unspoilt and natural riparian landscape of its kind in Central Europe. With an extensive network of hiking paths, exciting adventures in the natural surroundings and 'Auerlebnisgelände Schlossinsel', the Danube-Auen National Park is an ideal recreation area and popular excursion destination.

Spanning an area of more than 9600 ha, the Danube-Auen National Park provides very special experiences of nature. The Danube is the lynchpin, flowing like a lifeline through the National Park over a length spanning 36 km. A sheer endless variety of plant & animal species are found here. Habitats are abundant – the streams from the Danube, tributaries, gravel banks, flat river banks, alluvial forests, meadows and much more – are home to more than 800 plant species and 33 mammalian species, as well as some 100 breeding bird, 8 reptile, 13 amphibian and 67 fish species.

Schlossinsel: Terrapins, underwater station and much more

Valuable information, fascinating insights and fun for all ages are on the agenda at 'Auerlebnisgelände Schlossinsel'. Among the many animal highlights to discover, there are European terrapins and snakes. Interactive stations provide information about the flora & fauna in the Danube-Auen National Park in a fun way. A walk-in underwater observation station is the core area at Schlossinsel, where you are assured an insight into the variety of the aquatic creatures. Dive in!

Danube-Auen National Park