Green asparagus, © Weinviertel Tourismus

Gourmet Region Marchfeld asparagus PGI

Marchfeld is regarded as Austria's asparagus stronghold

While Marchfeld asparagus was earlier regarded as a niche product, today it has become a signature element.

Marchfeld provides ideal soil conditions and an optimum climate for growing asparagus. It is therefore little wonder that GenussRegion Marchfeldspargel PGI produces asparagus of the highest quality.

What is it that makes Marchfeld asparagus stand out?

One clear feature of Marchfeld asparagus PGI is its particularly typical, sophisticated asparagus aroma. Its fewer bitter elements ensures its renowned delicate flavour. Three years of patience, care and perfection are required for this product. It is only then that freshly dug and prepared asparagus lands on your plate. The commitment of Marchfeld's asparagus farmers was rewarded in 1996 when the European Union designated Marchfeld asparagus protected geographical indication status. Since that time, nothing has stood in the way of both its marketing and enhanced brand positioning.

Marchfeld asparagus PGI

Marchfeld asparagus has protected geographical indication status (PGI). This seal of approval  is essential for Marchfeld asparagus farmers to preserve their green-white gold. Only produce that has been produced in a specifically demarcated area, according to specific processing methods, is marketed under this quality seal and therefore demonstrates specific properties and quality. Depending on the variety and the product, there are specific quality characteristics.

Details & facts about Gourmet Region Marchfeld asparagus PGI

  • 1760 tonnes of Marchfeld asparagus PGI were produced in 2019. Around half of which was supplied to dealers fresh from harvest, with the remainder going to the catering sector.
  • 57% of Austrian asparagus comes from Marchfeld.
  • Spanning 475 hectares, the cultivation area for Marchfeld asparagus PGI is around twice as big as Vienna's inner city area.